Bitebird – Login Credentials

What are the different logins / passwords for?

There are three different platforms which need login / password:

The firmware of your Bitebird hotspot device
You can access to the backend of your device to get all the information about it, as well as its current connection information, settings information…
This website is accessible on when you are connected on your Bitebird network.
You will have to go there if you want to change your Wi-Fi password, Wi-Fi network name, or if you have reset your Bitebird.
To access your Bitebird device’s firmware, you need a username and a password. The standards ones are:
Username: admin
Password: bitebird1

Wi-fi network name / password:
Your Bitebird’s Network Name (SSID) and the Bitebird’s Network Password are displayed on the LCD display screen of your Bitebird device.

Your MyBitebird account

MyBitebird is a Selfcare where you can view, manage and recharge your Bitebird account.
The first time you go to MyBitebird account, make sure you are connected to your Bitebird internet network, and go to:
You will be asked to create a username and password.
For the next times you wish to go to your MyBitebird account, you do not need to be connected to your Bitebird network, you can access to your account from every connection, using your personal username and password.

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