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How does Bitebird work?

Bitebird Wi-Fi hotspot with its embedded international Data SIM is the smartest way to stay connected while abroad!

your Bitebird

Buy an off-the-shelf Bitebird:
you pay a one-time
charge of €99.95
including track
& trace delivery.

on a trip

Take your Bitebird with you
in your hand baggage.
Don’t forget the provided
charging cable and any travel
plug you may require.

internet everywhere

Turn on your Bitebird,
enter your Wi-Fi password
and you are
connected to Internet!
You’ll only pay the local rate!

your data plan

You can recharge your Bitebird
at any time by logging into or directly from
the My Bitebird App available
on the App Store or Google Play.

Technical specifications

Hotspot 4G

Hotspot 4G

Network connection

Bitebird connects to a global GSM network via a smart, integrated SIM card. In the countries in which we operate, your Bitebird is recognised automatically and you have internet access. Bitebird converts the GSM signal into a Wi-Fi signal so you can connect multiple devices to the internet. The device is 4G, but depending on the country GSM signal, the connection strengths will vary, just like a phone!

Dimensions and weight

Bitebird uses an up to date technology to provide our customers the best Wi-Fi service possible. The device used is a high-speed packet access 4G mobile hotspot, created by Huawei.

Dimensions (W x D x H): 96.8 mm×58.0 mm×13.5 mm
Weight: about 82 g (including the battery)

Wireless network

The wireless network between your Bitebird and your devices goes through the standard Wi-Fi. Nowadays, all mobile devices are provided with a Wi-Fi antenna. This makes Bitebird perfectly suitable to provide internet access.

Another advantage is that the Wi-Fi on your Bitebird is private and protected with a personal password.

Battery / recharge

The device battery has a capacity of 3.8 V, 1500 mAh, Li type (rechargeable). To charge your Bitebird, you can use the provided mini-USB cable. Connect it either directly to your laptop, or use a USB Wall Adapter Plug. While travelling, if needed, take a travel plug along.

Maximum working time: 6 hours (depending on the network).
Maximum standby time: 300 hours (depending on the network).

Learn more about the mobile internet

What is mobile internet?

Mobile internet means internetting via your telecom providers’ GSM network. You can do this using your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Just as with smartphone charges, you pay internet charges through your subscription or prepaid data plan. Internetting on your smartphone subscription or data plan is often very expensive when you’re abroad. Bitebird circumnavigates these exorbitant rates: in every country, we have entered into agreements with quality telecom providers that are prepared to charge low rates to foreign visitors.

What is data roaming?

If you use the internet when abroad, it goes through the network of the telecom providers in the corresponding country. Your own telecom provider charges extremely high costs for this international internet use, so many people turn off data roaming when abroad. They stop using the internet to avoid paying the high charges. Thanks to Bitebird, you can use the internet abroad knowing that you will be paying low rates for internet !

What is Wi-Fi/wireless internet?

Wi-Fi internet is wireless internet that, in most cases, is offered very locally and for free. The provider of the Wi-Fi network supplies the connection with the mobile network. The so-called Wi-Fi networks or hotspots do have a limited range. The advantage of Bitebird is that you have a much larger range. Your Bitebird will be in range anywhere where there is coverage from a telecom provider. So with Bitebird, you actually have Wi-Fi in your inside pocket.