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Why Bitebird?

As being among the world’s leading airlines, it is only natural for us to think of all possible solutions to make your journey more enjoyable, not only in the air, but also on the ground. We know that not having internet is among the biggest fear and stress factor for travelers. We decided to give an alternative choice to our customers, enabling a secure, easy and seamless internet connection around the world.

Using roaming abroad with your home country’s phone plan is a real luxury. The Wi-Fi network, while more affordable, often has a weak signal or can be downright unavailable. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network can turn into an obstacle race, with logins, codes and instructions, sometimes only available in the local language. And let’s not mention the security risk of using a public hotspot, dangerously giving access to your data.

That’s why we imagined the ideal partner for your trips: Bitebird.

The Transatel partnership – AIR France KLM

Bitebird is a concentrate of Transatel‘s expertise in multi-local and global cellular connectivity, and of Air France-KLM‘s in terms of travel. These European companies have pooled their talents to develop a solution to satisfy travelers all over the world.

  • The first European technical telecommunications
    for the hosting of mobile offers
  • 17 years of experience in launching independent mobile offers (more than 150 so far)
  • Worldwide coverage at local conditions:
    an international code (901-37) and agreements
    with the best networks in each country
  • A major cellular player for the Internet of Things,
    chosen by the biggest brands of consumer electronics
    for their embedded connectivity
  • 1.7 million SIM cards managed
Air FranceKLM
  • The leading group in terms of intercontinental traffic
    on departure from Europe
  • Almost 100 million passengers carried per year
  • Over 320 destinations and 114 countries
  • Flying Blue frequent flyer program is
    one of the leaders in Europe
    with over
    27 million members
  • Member of SkyTeam alliance which
    has 20 member airlines

History of Bitebird

History of Bitebird
Juin 2016
June 2016
of the service
Août 2016
August 2016
Already 60 destinations
covered in the world
Août 2016
January 2017
Over 100 covered
Août 2016
March 2017
Sale on board
of Iberia aircrafts
Août 2016
April 2017
Sale on board
of Air France aircrafts
Août 2016
July 2017
Launch of the
mobile application
Août 2016
January 2018
Over 125 destinations


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