Bitebird – Explained

What is Bitebird and how does it work?

Bitebird is a small, handy device that fits in your inside pocket. This means you always have an internet connection at hand. With Bitebird, you can use the internet securely and at local rates in a growing number of countries across the globe. You avoid roaming charges and pay the same price for data as the locals do – wherever you are (in the eligible countries)!

Bitebird connects to a global GSM network via a smart, integrated SIM card. In the countries in which we operate, your Bitebird is recognized automatically and you have internet access. Bitebird converts the GSM signal into a Wi-Fi signal so you can connect multiple devices to the internet.

The Bitebird device is 4G, but depending on the country where you use Bitebird, the GSM signal can vary, and it happens that in some places you have only 3G signal, like on your phone!

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