Troubleshooting – Cannot Connect to Internet

What can I do if, when I open a web page, it jumps directly to the management page (I can’t use the Internet)?

When the Internet isn’t accessible, your browser web pages will jump to the management page (backend of your device). This may happen in the following scenarios:
1. No SIM card is installed.
2. Network coverage is poor. The device is unable to find the mobile data network.
3. The device is unable to connect to the mobile data network or the connection failed.
4. You moved to an area with no network coverage (entered an area with no service).
5. You don’t have any data anymore (you can recredit data on your Mybitebird account:

Please try the following steps to resolve the issue:
Please check the settings of your Bitebird and make sure you have not turned off Internet access.

Please check the signal strength and make sure you are within an area where your Bitebird has network coverage (eligible country, and sufficient signal).

Be sure you have sufficient data credit on your account (you can look up on your Mybitebird account:

Please use a USB cable to connect your Bitebird to your laptop and see if it works, if so, the problem comes from your phone settings.

If it is still not working, please contact our call center: or +33 1 74 95 95 12)

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