We are travellers in heart and soul. Globetrotters. As employees of one of the world’s largest airlines, we know what it’s like to travel frequently and be on the road for longer periods of time. And we all know using the internet en route can be quite stressful. You can, of course, pay a handful of money for an internet connection when abroad. But you just know you’re paying too much. Moreover, you don’t know whether the connection is secure. Not only highly stressful but also very annoying.

And that is how the idea for Bitebird came about at AIR FRANCE KLM: in every country, we look for a provider that is prepared to charge local rates to travellers. We make sure you get access via a handy Wi-Fi device that fits in your inside pocket. And your own secure and sharply priced Wi-Fi hotspot is ready to be used.

Both AIR FRANCE and KLM passengers were very enthusiastic about the idea. Thanks to this enthusiasm, Bitebird has made a flying start. We are breaking through in a growing number of countries all over the world. If we continue like this, Bitebird will soon go global. In the meantime, you never pay more than a local in a Bitebird country!