Is using the internet with Bitebird secure?

Using the internet via your own Bitebird is more secure than using public Wi-Fi. With a Bitebird, you have a personal and secure internet connection at your disposal, like the connection you have at home with your personal internet box. No one can use your Wi-Fi signal unless you give them permission to do so.


Secure corporate internet with Bitebird

Corporate use of internet is also excellently arranged via Bitebird. VPN – the secure internet connection for businesses – is transmitted perfectly via your secure Bitebird signal.


Your Bitebird is secured through 3 ways:

You have a personal Wi-Fi password that you can personalize upon your wish

To change your Wi-Fi password, you need to go to the backend of your Bitebird (website To access there, you also need a login and password (standard are: admin & admin), but you can secure the access by changing them.

Your Mybitebird account (to check and recharge your credit) is private, and also secured by a personal login & password.